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Design Process

We understand that with such a large project like this in a space that is so personal, there are lots of questions and concerns - and we are here to help! Below is a standard timeline of what to expect along the way.

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Initial Consultation

Form client relationship

Determine scope of services and goals for project

Collaborate on design styles

Establish base timeline and preliminary budget

On-Site Walkthrough with Design Team

Elaborate on project details and client vision

Explore areas for unique design opportunities

Measure and photograph relevant spaces

Discuss possible need for design or insurance retainer


Preliminary Design and Project Proposal

Transfer measurements into floorplans and elevations 

Design Team brainstorms and orders samples based on client’s vision

Begin preliminary proposal for ideal scope of services

Design Team creates mood boards, renderings, and initial presentation

Showroom Selection Meeting and Proposal Review

Present design suggestions and make selections with client

Break down proposal and explore possible adjustments 

Fine tune project details and client priorities 

Condense all design concepts, selections, and requisite changes for final draft

Design Contract and Client Approval 

Recap final selection details, scope of service, and design concepts

Establish desired project start date and provide client with realistic timelines

Acquire client signature on design contract, photo release form and elevations

Collect deposit

Order Materials and Outline Rough Installation Schedule 

Purchase materials and update client on receiving ETA

Design team reiterates importance of proper job site preparation

Warehouse reviews materials upon delivery

Determine expected start date upon arrival of materials

Client Walkthrough with DeNovo Designs Team to Confirm Jobsite and Timeline

Verify jobsite is prepared

Review design contract with Job Site Foreman and client on site

Confirm project start date, projected installation timeline, and sequence of events 


Project Completion

Job Site Foreman Inspection

Address and Execute Punch List Items

Attain Certificate of Completion

Photos, Invoice, and Final Payment

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